Beat the ATS Bots & start getting interviews

Hello interviews - bye bye silence! Learn how to edit your resume so it gets past Applicant Tracking Systems when you apply online for a job.

Stop wasting your time

Continually submitting the wrong design will never get a response because it will be continually be rejected.

Understand where you are going wrong

Discover exactly which aspects of your resume are ruling you out from the jobs you really want.

Save Money

No need to pay for an expensive resume writer because you can easily rectify any mistakes yourself.

Finally start hearing back

Stop losing out to your competition and get the job you deserve by actually being in the game.

Added bonus: Resume Template

Download an ATS friendly resume template with dummy content to guide you. Simply write over it with your own information so that you can be sure ATS won't reject your next job application.

Fight back & beat the bots

Stefan Maslak

Sales Manager

Recruiters now say it is excellent...

My CV was professionally written back in 2016 so it was well overdue a rework especially as everyone was on about ATS on LinkedIn. To me, it sounded like double dutch but with scanners etc so I thought it was time to bring it up to date. Hence when you offered an "I'll box the living daylights out of your CV" option how could I refuse? Recruiters now say it is excellent and I would definitely recommend you for your straight to the point, no nonsense approach to job search.

Well that was a bit of an eyeopener! I had no idea why I wasn't getting a response for jobs that I was perfectly qualified for. I made the changes you suggested and guess what? I have 3 interviews lined up for next week. I would have paid more if I knew the difference it would make.

Steve Nicolls - Plant Manager

Priceless, that's all I can say. I've been applying for months with no bites at all. I have to confess that I do prefer my pretty version more that I had before (sorry!) but I can't argue with what you say because I start my new job in a couple of weeks.

Karen Oberther - Senior Accountant

I wish had discovered this sooner. I spent a fortune on a resume writer. It looked so good but after weeks of applying I realised it just wasn't working. Thank you for your honest advice. It makes total sense and I already have two recruiters that have actually called me back.

Rob Hodges - Laboratory Assistant

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