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Don't wait any longer

I highly recommend Mark's support. He has taught me to perfect my job-hunt process, to keep records organised and see the job-hunt in an objective manner (especially during those days that seem there’s no progress). Don't wait any longer, drop him a line.

Chris Vizzuet
chris vizzuet

Knowledgeable, informed and a good sounding board

I have recommended Mark over a number of years when people have asked me for resume assistance and career coaching and I have always received excellent feedback. I recently met with Mark for my own career coaching. He is knowledgeable, informed and a good sounding board if you are looking for assistance when job hunting.

Tanya Llado
tanya llado

Straight talking, with a splash of humour along the way

A complete and full service, always direct / straight talking, with a splash of humour along the way, keeping you focused and motivated and the right tools in your job seeker toolkit. You won’t make a mistake if you reach out to Mark, no matter what your situation (even if you haven’t started the journey yet), his experience is broad enough to be able to help. Brilliant.

Peter Vucic
peter vucic
Asset & ICT Manager

His knowledge is testament to his clients success

Mark has coached / mentored me for the past couple of years on realistic job market expectations and preparation techniques of interviewing skills, resume writing suited for specific job roles as well as negotiation skills on sealing the job offer. I will highly recommend Mark as a career coach, his knowledge is testament to his clients success rates in job applications and interview process.

Shamir Mohammed
shamir mohammed
Senior Mechanical Engineer

landing your perfect role isn't easy

What do you need help with?

Job search: How to find the right opportunities

Actively looking but don't know where to look?

There's more to job search than job boards. Do you know how to tap into the hidden job market, how to control your job search programme, and the key mistakes to avoid?

job search obstacles

Resume/CV ApplicationsHow to secure interviews

Not hearing back when you apply for jobs?

Your resume is probably letting you down. Or perhaps its your cover letter? Or maybe you are making common mistakes in the way you approach job applications?

job application obstacles

Interview preparation: How to convince them you are the best candidate

Getting interviews but not the job?

Are nerves getting the better of you? Do certain questions catch you out? Or perhaps you haven't got a clue what's going wrong as it seems fine on the day?


job interview obstacles

Salary package negotiation: How to get what you deserve

Got the offer but it's not what you expected?

Thinking of taking it anyway because you don't know what to do? Thinking of rejecting it because you don't want to deal with confrontation? Or perhaps you are considering staying where you are - even though you are unhappy?

salary negotiation obstacles

Remove whats standing between you and your perfect job

You will get there

Well it was one great experience, Mark always knew when and how to do things. Like seriously his mentoring is invaluable, and he never promises anything that he cannot fulfil. Rest assured, if you follow his recommendations at every stage, you will get there. Loved how things were rolling ‘as he usually says and would recommend indeed.

Abdelrahman Abdelfattah
abdelrahman abdelfattah
Construction Cadet

I got a great new role

I chose career coaching to ensure I was comfortable about how to give answers to interview questions. It gave me the confidence to proceed to final interview stage. It's been an excellent experience and I got a great new role.

Ivan Anthony
ivan anthony
General Manager


Who is Mark?

With over 20 years experience in recruiting and career management coaching, he's been privileged to have worked with thousands of candidates and companies, helping them achieve fantastic results. Now he wants to do the same for you.

A global resume writer and career coach, Mark is known for his honest, direct, and hard-hitting advice, helping people manage job applications and succeed at interviews.  Now based on the Sunshine Coast in Australia, he is the co-founder of Real Life Career Advice, and a prolific publisher, contributing to several industry magazines and his daily career advice blog to his 50,000+ LinkedIn followers.

Coached me through the whole recruitment process

A true professional, Mark coached me through the whole recruitment  process. He took the time to call me to talk things over and made sure I understood what would probably be required (and he was correct).

Andrew MacDonald
andrw macdonald
Crane Operator

Filled me with confidence

Mark has always guided me with my career ever since I moved to Australia. His positive words during the low point of my career filled me with more confidence to achieve the best. I recommend Mark, and will be always thankful to him.

vivan ponnana
vivan ponnana
Project Manager



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Not at all. We coach anyone who is stuck in their job search and needs help.


No. We specialise in the processes and methods you can use to find the perfect job.

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