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Russel Athaid


Marine Engineer

"I sent Mark Daniel my resume for an appraisal and I found his assessment to be blunt. But as a professional, I would have it no other way. Mark Daniel is definitely the go-to person for a straightforward appraisal on your resume."


Training & Development Manager

"The appraisal was brutal but it's exactly what my resume and my career aspirations needed, a quick and honest attitude adjustment, so a very sincere thank you!"

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Discover if there are any areas on your resume that will ring alarm bells with recruiters and HR plus how to put them right.


That's how many resumes are rejected for online jobs due to design. 

Is your resume letting you down?

Our resume reviews are straight talking & direct - so be warned! You'll discover the good, the bad and the 'must change immediately' areas.  You'll be able to improve your resume yourself, right away, with tips,  guidance, and easy to follow advice that will really make a difference.