Got a big interview coming up?

Use these easy to follow practical tips and advice to ensure you have the perfect preparation.

Does this sound familiar?

You can't believe you have landed an interview for the job you really want. Not that it came at all easy. You've worked hard to get where you are today and even paid to have your resume professionally written. The interview starts off well and you are sure that this is the perfect job for you. But then... it happens.  

A question throws you off balance and you are lost for words. You just can't recover. You hear yourself talking but you know from their expression that its not what they want to hear.  You feel panic rising in your chest and mentally give up, knowing you have blown the opportunity.

Don't despair - we have all been there. The good news is you can ensure this doesn't happen at your next interview if you take a little time out for some preparation in 3 key areas.


One on one, panel, videos, assessment centres, Skype, conference calls, psychometric...  You need to understand what you are up against


Practice common interview questions, behavioural techniques, your elevator pitch and what you should be asking them on the day.


Leave nothing to chance. Research the company and your interviewers, bring the right props and look polished and professional.

What our coaching clients say

Ivan Anthony

An excellent experience...

I chose career coaching to ensure I was comfortable about how to give answers to interview questions. It gave me the confidence to proceed to final interview stage. It's been an excellent experience and I secured a great new role. 

IVAN ANTHONY  //  General Manager

Andrew MacDonald

Landed a great role...

G'day everyone, I just wanted to give Mark Daniel a thumbs up and public thanks. In my honest opinion, I think the work he did reviewing and updating my resume along with a great cover letter was instrumental in my ability to land a great role. A true professional, he also coached me through the recruitment process offering advice on how to prepare for interviews. He took the time to call me to talk things over and made sure I understood what would probably be required (and he was correct ). All at a very competitive price in my opinion.

ANDREW McDONALD  //  Crane Operator

Interview Advice Articles

Our interview advice covers all you need to know, and none of the stuff you don't!  We will show you how to respond to the dreaded "tell me about yourself", plus all the other types of questions you are likely to face such as your greatest weakness, your greatest strength and those tricky little behavioural ones too.

We'll also take you through preparing for interviews and how to handle different methods such as telephone based, panels and assessment centres. There's plenty more to discover on each of these topics plus we will be adding more content every week.

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