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We know what you did last weekend...

Well, perhaps not exactly but we have a good idea. That's because looking for a job is like a job in itself. Did you think you would give yourself a couple of hours searching through various job sites and just 'get it done' only to find it takes way longer? The jobs weren't quite right, your resume needed updating and the application forms were endless and confusing?

The trick to performing a great job search is to have a great plan. Stop wasting your precious free time on things that don't work and start making progress with your job search with these  3 crucial steps.


Start by perfecting your online social resume and leverage the power of networking each platform provides.


Use a strategic approach to search positions on job sites and implement a system to keep control of your job search


Use methods to uncover hidden and fresh opportunities before others to get ahead of your competition

What our coaching clients say...

Stefan Maslak

No nonsense approach to job search...

My CV was last professionally written back in 2006 so it was well overdue a re-work especially as everyone was on about ATS on LinkedIn.  To me it sounded double-dutch but with scanners etc so I thought it was time to bring it up to date.  Hence when you offered an ' I'll box the living daylight's out of your CV option' how could I refuse? Recruiters say it's excellent and I would definitely recommend you for your straight to the point no-nonsense approach to job search.  

STEFAN MASLAK //  International Sales Manager

Samantha Murton

Better service than the competition...

I have recommended you to a number of my network because you simply offer a better service than the competition.

SAMANTHA MURTON  //  Transformation & Change Specialist

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Our job search advice covers all you need to know, and none of the stuff you don't!  We can show you how to find unadvertised jobs before other people, how to get your LinkedIn profile noticed by recruiters, and how to spot fake jobs so you don't  get scammed. And that's just the start.

There's plenty more to discover on each of these topics plus we will be adding more content every week.

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