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3 ways to ensure perfect job applications

Have you been applying for jobs but hearing nothing back? Do others seem to have 'all the luck' but you seem to have none? Now, it may be because you need to redesign your resume so that it can get past Applicant Tracking Systems. But what if you have already taken care of this?

After coaching people for many years we have found 3 key areas where people make mistakes with their job applications which can ultimately stop them getting shortlisted for interviews. If you get these right, you are going to vastly improve your results.


In addition to being ATS friendly, your resume needs to be tailored for each individual role


Your cover letter needs to sell you without including everything from your resume. 


Always give them what they want - ignoring this could cost you the opportunity. 

What our coaching clients say...

Aarron Brown

Phone calls from most applications I make...

My old resume seemed dated and wasn't getting any job follow up from employers. Didn't seem to work for me. Since I had my resume updated, I get a phone call from most applications I make. I have already recommended you several times to other people I know within the construction and mining industries.  I can't fault your service

AARRON BROWN  //  Mechanical Fitter

Adrian Mensforth

Results increased dramatically...

My results have increased dramatically, and I would say on average out of every 5 positions that I apply for, I receive responses back on 2-3 positions which are awesome results. I have handed your details out to basically my whole work crew.

ADRIAN MENSFORTH  //  Plant Operator

Will your resume get through Applicant Tracking systems?

Ditch your fancy template that ATS can't read now.  Use this free template so your resume will actually be seen by a human...


That's how many resumes are rejected for online jobs. Is your resume letting you down?

Job Application Articles

Our job applications advice covers all you need to know, and none of the stuff you don't!  We will show you how to write a perfect cover letter and avoid the mistakes others make, ways to improve your social resume, and provide tips and guidance on how to get through specific types of applications you may face such as completing key skills criteria.

We'll also take you through which types of documents to submit, what recruiters and HR really want to see and how to submit perfect applications targeted to specific roles. 

There's plenty more to discover on each of these topics plus we will be adding more content every week.

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