How to apply for jobs - so you actually get an interview

It takes real effort creating a great resume and finding the perfect job so don't take any chances with the application process. Discover the common mistakes most people make and how to make sure you submit perfect applications every time.

The 3 ways to ensure perfect job applications

Have you been applying for jobs but hearing nothing back? Do others seem to have 'all the luck' but you seem to have none? Now, it may be because you need to design your resume so that it can get past Applicant Tracking Systems. But what if you have already taken care of this?

After coaching people for many years we have found 3 key areas where people make mistakes with their job applications which can ultimately stop them getting shortlisted for interviews. If you get these right, you are going to vastly improve your results.

Target Your Resume

In addition to being ATS friendly, your resume needs to be tailored for each individual role

Write a Great Cover Letter

Your cover letter needs to sell you but not cover everything in your resume

Follow Instructions 

Always give them what they want - ignoring this could cost you the opportunity 

Will your resume get through Applicant Tracking systems?

Ditch your fancy template that ATS can't read now.  Use this free template so your resume will actually be seen by a human...


That's how many resumes are rejected for online jobs. Is your resume letting you down?

Submit Perfect Job Applications

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