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Free cover letter template plus how to use it for your next job application

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Staring at a blank screen and don’t know what to write? Here’s a free cover letter template plus instructions so you can get the job done…


Unless you are creative and comfortable with writing, preparing your resume and cover letter for a job application can seem like an enormous task.

That’s why so many people search Google for free templates that can save them time, stress and confusion to get their application submitted.

However, all templates are certainly not equal.

In this post we will cover:

3 ways that a cover letter template can ruin your job applications

Is it ever OK to use a cover letter template?

A guide on how to use our cover letter template

The free cover letter template & guide download

3 ways cover letter templates can ruin your job applications

Using a template for your cover letter when you apply for online jobs can cause you all sorts of problems.

Overall there are three main issues:



Their design can confuse Applicant Tracking Systems which can mean that an actual human never gets to see your application. That’s right – you get rejected because of design not your skills and experience.



Many templates simply don’t work if you want to put more in a section than has been pre-set. We see this so many times when people submit their resumes for a personal resume review. They have either crammed valuable experience into a three-line sentence, selling themselves short, or added more information but then the design goes crazy and just looks awful. Typically, they also use a matching cover letter template that has all the same issues too.



Oftentimes people will overwrite the dummy text set to guide them by changing just one or two words. The result? A stilted, false sounding application that looks and sounds just like everyone else.

So is it ever OK to use a cover letter template?

So now I have worried you senseless about using a template, you may be wondering why I am offering you one.

What’s the difference? Why will this one work as opposed to all the rest? What do I know that all the other ‘experts’ don’t?

Well actually there are plenty of knowledgeable and professional career coaches, HR managers and recruiters out there that will tell you the same thing I am about to say.

It’s just that these days, our voices can easily get lost amongst the ‘experts’ who want to keep you happy with “do this one thing to get the job of your dreams” type content.

Here’s the honest answer. Yes, you can use a cover letter template - but only to guide you. The spoiler? You need to put in some work to make it work for you.

So, if you are looking for a cover letter template where you just change out a couple of words here and there, don’t download our template and step by step guide.

But, if you want to know how to write great, targeted cover letters to complete perfect applications, then this is definitely for you.

A quick guide on how to use our cover letter template

I won’t keep you long because it’s all in the download but here is how it works.

To start, we will go through some tips on how to write great cover letters. These will get you warmed up and keep you on track when you start writing.

Next we will walk you through our template and tell you exactly what you need to include and why it is so important. Yes, you will have sample text to guide you, but you will be writing your own version.

And then – you are done.

It's quick, it's painless and it will put you way above your competition who either don't include a cover letter or submit a boring, generic document that does them no favours.

Download now

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If you want a second opinion, I am happy to check over your completed cover letter before you hit submit. Details are in the download.

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